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Lets put a UK singer, with an R&B performer, the prodigy of twerking and lastly, some dubstep machine sounds to melt them all together. What do we get? Unfortunately, nothing yet. Ed Sheeran, the UK singer known for his “The A Team” track, shared the above picture on Instagram. However, we do not have a production from this diverse collaboration.

Diplo and Skrillex, known after Ultra as Jack U, seem to like getting out of their comfort zone. Making music with artists who do not follow the simple four-by-four structure of generic dance music helps them create something new and exciting. After listening to the musical style of all four artists, I have no idea how the track will end up.

The production will definitely have electronic elements and possibly the voices of the the two vocalists. On the other hand, maybe Usher and Ed Sheeran might be producing this track, and the other two throwing some vocals on there? Probably not, but we will have to wait until the release. There has been no word in the web about a possible date, so there is no estimate for the wait.

You can enjoy Jack U‘s set from UMF 2014, until a teaser gets released to the masses: