For fans seeing Kaskade on Sunday at Electric Daisy Carnival‘s kineticFIELD this year, the house DJ-producer has a special treat in store. In response to those who’ve been asking for Redux at EDC, Kaskade tweeted, “kineticFIELD is the wrong place,” but announced the “right place,” which turns out to be on the Mayan Warrior Art Cart at 2 AM. Deeming it as his “own Redux after-party within EDC,” he tells fans to keep an eye out for the cart’s location through his social media, and in the case that service is down, to “look for the big moving glowing vehicle w/ deep beats.”

Kaskade led up to his special Redux set announcement with a reference to his “block party” back in 2011, saying, “Anyone remember the last time I played music on a moving vehicle? Heh. It was a riot. Literally. I found someone who is actually going to let me try that again.” See the full string of tweets leading up to the announcement below.

For anyone who attends Kaskade’s double feature at EDC, we’d love to hear from you! We hope to catch a peek of his sets through the EDC’s Curated broadcast.