Shortly after sweeping up the prestigious Spirit of the Gumball award, Deadmau5 has gone through over 8 terabytes of footage from his first-ever Gumball 3000 rally to create a mini-teaser of his worldwide journey. The trailer, below, captures Team Purrari (consisting of Joel Zimmerman himself and his Mythbuster partner Tory Belleci) traveling across Miami, Atlanta, Scotland, England, and to the final stop, Ibiza. On describing his custom Ferrari 458 Spider, Deadmau5 comments, “It’s like the Marmite of cars. You either love it, or you hate it, but there’s no, ‘Oh, it’s alright.’” As an added bonus, enjoy the trailer’s soundtrack, which uses clips of his While (1<2) album.


Source: inthemix

Photo Source: Death and Taxes