For someone who hasn’t had a relationship in a while, I’m not as keen on all the lovey dovey stuff as I once was. However, whenever someone has the balls to propose in front of a legit crowd, I have to give them props, especially when it seems like everyone knows what’s coming except for the girlfriend (you bet that’ll get your heart racing). What I just described occurred this year at EDC during the set of Above & Beyond. While “Sun & Moon” is playing, a couple were in tune to each other, staring deep into each other’s eyes as if there were nothing else in the world during those moments. After a short period, the man gets on his knees to ask the question most girls can’t wait to be asked by a hunk. You can guess the rest of the story, however it is caught on video for you to see for yourself. This isn’t the first time an engagement has happened at EDC and it probably won’t be the last. With so much love in the air, it’s bound to happen again.