Goon Bags has come a long way. It seems the act has found an immense strength in hybrid trap, which manifested both “Kaiju” and the newest single, a remix of “How I Roll.” Savant would be proud and let’s not forget he’s a genius, who also happened to create the orignal. However, Goon Bags express their own acumen regarding musical matters. The result is an epic trap production ready for guys like Bro Safari, UZ, and Brillz to drop on the mainstages. Although, that may cause the crowd to implode out of pure awesomeness. If Goon Bags keep up with how things have been going, it won’t be long until that’s the name we see plastered on the screen of events like EDC and Electric Forest. By that time, hopefully they still give out some freebies, like they do now. Download the remix below and watch out for what else is to come from camp Goon Bags.

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