Ready for a deep take on jersey club? Because Star Falcon brings a hot production that takes from both genres and more to result in “Double Take” that will have you doing just that. Not only will you do that because of how crisp and stellar the song is, but because you may recognize the vocal sample that was taken from Missy Elliot‘s “Lose Control.” I once heard someone I used to work with bash artists for “not being creative enough to think of their own material” in regards to sampling like this, but I have to FULLY disagree. He took something and made it his own in a big way and I commend his efforts. Aside form the vocal, the bassline is what is going to get you. Or will it be the smooth percussion? Or maybe all of them? I think it’s the latter. No matter what attracts you to it, chances are you will dig. If you do, feel free to grab the free download!

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