Guns N’ Roses was cool, but how about “Machine Guns & Roses?” After coming from the minds of Mati Matisse & Davya, two Dutch brothers living in England, the song was subsequently released through Ossia Records for free. It’s initial release to the world is taking place, well, right here as a Your EDM premiere. They teased us previously with an acoustic sample of the song, but today it’s here in all its glory. Featuring Barry Beatty, this vocal anthem is of the uplifting progressive style of house. One interesting thing you will hear is some prolonged “oh” samples that are sung after the drop. In harmonizing with the synths melody, you get a rich chorus that you can sing along to while you dance. They keep the non-electric motif running, not only with the vocal, but with the classical strings you’ll hear peering through the mix at times. Be sure to get this one for free before you exit out of this page. Simply follow the link below!

Free Download