Drop Goblin is a name you should already know. With life comes change, so now you’re going to switch out DG from your brain’s catalog and replace it with Lazy Gator, the new name for Alex’s musical project. The first order of business for him was devising “Ratchet’s Anthem” that is due out June 30th. Luckily, you guys get it early as a premiere right here!

If you are in fact already familiar with this artist, then what you are going to hear in a few moments will likely be unexpected, especially with the name. You’d expect something like trap, or twerk right? Not in this case, because this happens to be some juicy melbourne bounce. “Ratchet’s Anthem” kicks off the new path taking the producer down a road he calls “Donk,” which takes from melbourne and electro house. It’s all about the fun; bumping beats and pleasureful parties is what is going down with Lazy Gator. Catch this one when it drops and spread the ratchet!