Porter Robinson continues to make major moves in preparation for his new, upcoming album. Not only has the artist released three singles from Worlds, but last week also saw his return to BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix where one of the “ID” tracks is speculated to be another song called “Flicker” in the album. To add to this super-hype machine, his new songs have seen remixes from artists like RAC, Spaveech, Tut Tut Child, and more that have reinvigorated the already amazing singles. Now a young Russian from Anjunabeats, Ministry Of Sound, and most recently, the new Insomniac Records surfaces with a monumental remix to “Lionhearted” with Urban Cone that will be massive.

The young Russian I was referring to is none other than Arty who is also in the middle of making an album himself. However, the twenty-four year-old has taken the original, slow-paced synth-pop and reinvented it into a progressive house epic. It pumps “Lionhearted” with a surge of main-stage level percussion making this song instinctively engineered to be played in larger-than-life sets. Rather than redirect this song with a new melody, he keeps the song’s structure intact much like when Audien remixed “Together We Are”, adding a bigger boom to its predecessor.

With still no news on a release date, we can only hope that this remix comes out soon. Meanwhile, stream it of Porter’s SoundCloud and enjoy.