Tomorrowland has rapidly become the most anticipated and sought after music festival in the world and this 2014 installment is no different. As is by now custom, Tomorrowland released a thematic trailer to introduce the key motifs and most likely design inspirations for this year’s event. Entitled The Key To Happiness, this new chapter in the Tomorrowland saga is announced by this beautifully designed albeit very cheesy 3 minute video. The most interesting aspect of the video to me is the fairly obvious hint at what is sure to be this year’s stage design. If you’re not interested in watching the whole video, you can skip to the 3:15 mark and see the tip. Also another important point to note, is that the much hyped about Hans Zimmer hymn is featured in the video!

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In a time when darkness roamed and creativity and joy were forbidden, there was a man with only one dream: Releasing the world from all it’s misery.
He built an instrument, assembled in an enormous work of art.
To protect his creation, he fabricated a mythical key…
That would only be found by the purest of hearts…

A new chapter will be written,
The Key to Happiness