Following their massive success with “Mozart” and “Rebound,” Mat Zo and Arty decided to collaborate once more on “Stronger.” Recently, a fan of theirs got through to them to say how they “potentially saved his life.”

Heading home from EDC Las Vegas, the music enthusiast in question along with his companion decided to get off the road for a while to get some caffeine in them. Before getting on the interstate again, however, they decided to roll down the windows and listen to Mat Zo and Arty’s latest collaboration, because one does not simply listen to Mat Zo and Arty’s latest single without rolling down the windows. Little did they know, their car was about to get T-boned by way of a truck running a red light, and if it wasn’t for the rolled down windows, they wouldn’t have gotten out of it with just a few “minor injuries.”



Mat Zo and Arty’s single literally saves lives. What does your single do? Check it out below.

Source: EDM Sauce