Deep within the combines of driving Prog Tech comes an exhilarating Indian talent that has many producers buzzing across a wide span of multiple genres. Nakul Ambikar has firmly established himself under his SEQU3L moniker this year and since his fast rise to fame, he has already supported by a multitude of industry leading artists including Markus Schulz, Max Graham, Gareth Emery and Nick Callaghan. We covered Nakul before with his fantastic remix to 21street‘s Jakarta Dream on an issue of Sunrise Sessions, (which you can view here: ), and has continued onward towards greater sounds and textures. His production style is a part of the mysterious Progressive Tech sub-genre that values exceptional sound design, impeccable arrangements and keenly focuses on subtle timbres and energy flow. Other artists who follow this hidden path includes productionary giants such as Jerome Isma-Ae, Steve Haines, Max Freegrant and Sebastian Krieg. However, he has managed to curate his own unique imprint of the genre while staying true to the confines of its delicate structure; and as a style that chiefly values strict rules and subtlety, this notion is not easy to accomplish. After the success of his thrilling remix to Future Disciple‘s Jupiter Fruit, SEQU3L now presents his second official single entitled Booka Booka on Paul Thomas‘s UltraViolet Music label, which is proving to become one of the most innovative and creative tracks of 2014.


What exactly do we mean by that? Of course, saying such a thing is quite a bold statement to make and there has to be ample evidence in order to adeptly prove this point. For these answers, we must begin our search by looking towards the track’s name itself. The term ‘Booka Booka‘ itself is a strange name to call a track, but it is actually in reference to the fabled beach parties of the afterhours club, Booka Booka, which is situated in the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka. This underground club focuses its energies on promoting surreptitious genres such as Deep House, Nu Disco and Acid House, and also maintains a firm stance on promoting non-commercial music. The mixture of unusual styles, paired alongside the electrically tinged atmosphere of Sri Lankan’s youthful nightlife is the exact spark that drivers the inspiration of this track and its brilliant mixture between signature elements of patented Prog Tech sounds and dynamic elements of brooding Techno provides a sprawling, multilateral journey of sounds that constantly remorphs itself into a new form with every beat, (much like the characteristics of a trippy kaleidoscope). While his earlier pieces erred towards the clean, sterile sounds of driving Progressive, this piece is rougher, coarser and filled with a gritty aftertaste that make your legs itch and you mind open up. The flow of the piece is just perfect and the different elements of subtlety that are included in each and every phrase clearly demonstrates his painstaking attention to detail and overall command of instrumental arrangements. A track that is much more than Techno and Prog Tech, Booka Booka is a stellar work of art that will keep you guessing while weaving and bobbling along with every subsequent replay.

SEQU3L‘s fantastic new single, Booka Booka, is now available on UltraViolet Music via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q