Following their brilliant remix of KDrew’s “Last Train To Paradise,” the Toronto-based duo Dr. Ozi hits us with yet another tune. This time, however, it’s an incredible original.

Saying that it’s simply “heavy” just doesn’t do it any justice. It’s more than just heavy; it’s all out, out-of-this-world, complete and utter unadulterated destruction. I mean look at the artwork — all out warfare, is what this tune represents. Don’t be fooled though, it’s not just a bunch “brutal, ear tearing, face ripping” filth, as DUSTLA describes it; the tune is pretty diverse. “Mental Giant,” starts out with a vocal sample reminiscent of 70s disco along with a clever melody, which is followed by some drums that serve as preparation to the brutal synths and deep sub bass that give the buildup a full and rich feel.

Check out the tune below. I can’t emphasize this enough, though: make sure you’re using a proper pair of headphones/earphones. Laptop speakers simply won’t do the trick when it comes to this monster.

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