Go HERE for the whole free bundle – read below to listen to me whine about terrible page design and cheap tactics.

Not four days ago were we reporting that Gramatik was releasing his entire discography via BitTorrent than Zeds Dead is now releasing a bundle in anticipation of their Somewhere Else EP dropping tomorrow.

Now, while the Gramatik bundle is fairly straightforward, Zeds Dead not so much. The intro page is pretty poorly organized, and led more than one person including myself to believe that the new EP would be included in the bundle (it’s not). I’m here to hopefully shed a little bit of light on what you’ll be receiving for downloading this torrent.

Scroll down a little on on the opening page and you’ll find this –

Zeds Dead X BitTorrent Bundle

01 “Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow)” [Video]
02 Zeds Dead Wallpaper [Art]
03 “Love Me” [Audio]
04 Curated Poster Collection [Art]
05 “Hakuden” Stems [Audio]
06 Radio Mix [Audio] TBD
07 Fresh Beets [Audio]
08 Zeds Dead Rasterbate Poster [Art]

Okay, now that’s pretty straightforward. But pay attention to the words in brackets — not everything in there is music, most of it is actually art and posters; and there’s a typo, it should say “Hadouken Stems.” However, when you actually open the torrent, some things are missing. In fact, a lot is missing. In the torrent I opened, I only found (corresponding to the list above): 01, 02, and 03.

I’m not even going to go over how they make you give your email to access a separate bundle that repeats some of the stuff in the list above in addition to having you subscribe to a mailing service. Rather go HERE for the real and unadulterated content list and download it no hassle. Well… other than needing a BitTorrent client. I personally recomment utorrent – I’ve been using it for years.

Additionally, the Somewhere Else EP has already leaked online somewhere, if you know where to look. Without even listening to it, I can already tell you my most anticipated track is the collaboration with long-time vocalist and friend Omar Linx and Big Gigantic. You can get ‘Hadouken’ and ‘Lost You’ right now, but purchase the whole EP on iTunes tomorrow.