Barely Alive’s “Internet Streets EP” takes on new life with the help of Twine, Diamond Eyes and The FRiM!

The remixtape begins with a polished cut of “Candy Kids,” Barely Alive’s infectious collaboration with Datsik. This VIP is harder-hitting and stylizes the original production with a house drop. Diamond Eyes¬†also checks in with a Candy Kids remix of his own, falling down the dubstep rabbit hole a bit further.¬†Though the tune’s subject matter is still quirky as it is uncomfortable, at least it’s more danceable! Say no to molly, friends (especially if Madonna is the one telling you to find ‘her’).

Messinian‘s genius verses bring the title track to fruition, and The FRiM’s remix is on point. Dubstep beats are once again led into house territory. FRiM essentially raises the tempo without diluting the structure of the song, resulting in a parallel listening experience that boils down to preference.

“Rifle Blow Kiss” gets the Twine treatment, resurfacing as a total ruckus. Deep womps easily make this the most hardcore track on the EP, and most worthy of the “#jumanji” category its placed in on Soundcloud. For anyone most partial to smashing bass, Twine’s new Killing Machine EP also drops today!

Listen to the remixes below and keep up with Barely Alive on Facebook and Twitter!

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