As an official sponsor for the upcoming Northern Nights Music Festival in Humboldt County, CA in the coming weeks, we are proud to premiere yet another amazing mix in the #NNMF mix series here on Your EDM. This time legendary Dirty Bird Player, Christian Martin, does a spot-on job mashing a wonderful selection of artists from all over into this mesmerizing near 40 minute mix. This mix does a phenomenal job in setting the tone for the upcoming festivities on the Eel River in the coming weeks! Another perfected pre-game mix to download and jam out to as one whizzes up the windy US-101, through California’s towering redwood curtain on the way to the campgrounds. Give it a listen, a like, and grab the free download! Check out the track listing below for some hidden gems you might enjoy. I know I found a couple more to add to my ever growing collection.

Northern Nights Music Festival is a 3-day celebration of music, art, food, and culture. The Festival takes place on July 18th – 20th 2014, the third weekend in July. The location, Cook’s Valley Campground, has hosted highly acclaimed music festivals for more than 20 years. Our mission: Producing this annual Festival with passionate support for & strong understanding of emerging underground music industries, featuring sought out producers & DJs from around the globe. This all takes place amidst northern California’s Redwood Curtain, a setting of unparalleled beauty that enchants the senses and embraces the rich festival history of the region. Our hope: Creating a premiere destination festival that allows attendees to embrace a truly Californian experience. Lighting, sound, and stage production for all stages are provided by San Francisco Bay Area’s finest production teams in collaboration with renowned Humboldt County promoters and producers. Paying it forward: Aligning with the traditions of previous festivals, a portion of the proceeds from ticket and beverage sales are donated to the Mendocino and Humboldt school districts, non-profits, and environmental groups.

Northern Nights Music Festival Ticket Info 

Free Download

01. Last Magpie – Chicken Shop
02. Wafa & Bot – Bring the Syndrum (Ratcliffe’s BTS Dub)
03. Kry Wolf – Education
04. Marc Romboy – Set Me Free (A1 Bassline Nostalgic Mix)
05. Nadastrom – Fallen Down (Justin Martin remix)
06. Michael Mayer – Baumhaus (Robag’s Paavo & Veita Rehand)
07. Will Saul – Valhalla
08. Ghostea – Do It
09. Dark Sky – Clear
10. Robosonic – Life is Like
11. Nick Jagger – Philip Drummond Bass (Christian Martin edit)