It’s 7am, you’re “walking” through your hotel’s lobby, dragging what were once your legs behind you. You’re rocking that classic festival attire: booty shorts, neon colors, furry boots (even though it’s scorching hot outside), and maybe that one pair of shutter shades you’ve had since the 90s but decided to whip out because you saw Kanye wearing them that one time in 2008. You’re getting awkward stares, but you don’t really care right at that particularly moment, because you’re about to crash harder than you’ve ever crashed before. You haven’t slept in over a day, you’re smelly, dehydrated, sunburnt, and just want it all to end.

Well, at Disneyland’s Raver Day, you can go through all of that fun, minus the awkward stares. Just throw on a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and you’ll fit right in. Well, you’ll probably still get a bunch of awkward stares from the normal people that have no idea what Raver Day is; but that’s besides the point! It’s still the happiest place on earth, right?

Disneyland has all sorts of unofficial special events throughout the year, namely, Gay Day, Dapper Day, Star Wars Day, Harry Potter Day, and Raver Day. At Raver Day, you get to wear your favorite ridiculous outfits and witness dance offs at the Mad T Party. Doesn’t get any closer to an actual rave than that. EDC already brings the raver and carnival cultures together. The festival boasts more than 30 carnival-style rides each year. Disneyland’s Raver Day is no different, except that the day is obviously more weighted on the rides.

Check out some pictures courtesy of the guys over at Insomniac.


Now, imagine if this was playing the background instead of “It’s A Small World.”

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Source: Insomniac