Televisor has to be one of my favorite Monstercat artists. Their bootleg of ‘Wrecking Ball’ is still one of my all-time favorites; and their funky nu-disco sound is up there with the best of them and the productions always create so much hype.

This latest one in particular though is just something else. ‘Neon’ is a bouncy, funk-driven tune with some awesome talk box vocals on top. The groove is incredible and you’d probably have to be made of concrete to find yourself standing still to this. However, the biggest accolade I can give to this track is this: ‘Neon’ is what Random Access Memories should have been. This intense French house is what Daft Punk once excelled in; and while I admired their creativity, I found RAM lacking. Televisor seems to have picked up whatever mojo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter left behind and made this masterpiece of French house and nu-disco. Everything about it is just perfect.

Check it out below and purchase the track on Bandcamp. Let me know if you agree in the comments.