KJ Sawka is a name that shouldn’t need any introduction. Miss Krystle may need one for you ravers out there and I think she sums it up nicely in her bio: Looks like Jessica Rabbit. Sounds like Katy Perry. Voice like Evanescence. She also produces her own music, however the production we are premiering today was done by the first artist mentioned in this article. KJ Sawka remixed “Don’t Leave (It’s Gonna Kill Me),” turning the poppy single into a bass-driven beast. Having the song go from dubstep to hard electro makes this the exact opposite of bashful. With the drummer/producer at the helm, you should know you are going to get a lot of energy and a lot of bass and that’s just what you get here. Plus you get the incredible voice of Miss Krystle in the mix too. With those two together, the chances for a firestorm are 100%. Although you can’t purchase the song until July 15th, you can stream it below. Come back next week and you can snag it!

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