One of Your EDM‘s most promising upcoming Trance artists is continuing to dominate the Progressive Trance scene with another brilliant EP that strives to keep the pure Progressive sound at the forefront of musical innovation. Since last year, Santos Torres has come so far with his highly coveted Monoverse alias and after many years of hard work and study, his laborious endeavors have finally picked up the ears of Trance’s most influential ears. Throughout 2014, he has been kicking it into overdrive with a slew of singles and remixes and has also been broadening his stylistic horizons as well, as his expansive sound now includes beautiful Trance and hard hitting Tech Trance. In fact, we here at Your EDM just reviewed his brilliant remix to Ferry Tayle‘s The Way Back Home only two weeks ago, and already, he is ready to deliver more new material! Ever since his last single EP of Glide, (which also featured the talents of Dave Horne and Sunset), he has recently released a new single on DS-R Recordings, with Forsaken, and has just unveiled a brand new collaboration with Adam Shornys on Lange Recordings with Recoil. However, Monoverse takes us back to his roots with a juicy double EP entitled Khiera and Fraction, which, in his own words, is one of his proudest works to date. While the B-Side of Fraction was supported by Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz, we actually find that Khiera has swept the stage with its shimmering luminescence and decadent sound designs, and the remixes that tag along the Original offers delicious alternative opportunities.



Monoverse- Khiera (Original Mix)

As stated above, this track brings us to the roots of Monoverse‘s main sound, and also revitalizes the genre itself with the true, quintessential essence of Progressive Trance. Throughout the years, Prog Trance has been increasingly getting more and more in line with Prog House, especially with artists like Kyau & Albert, Ost & Meyer and D-Mad, but while these tracks can still qualify as Prog Trance, it still loses the very spark that made it great in the first place. However, Khiera contains frills or nonsense within its non-superfluous construction, and its beautifully balanced textures brings about a certain unification of natural harmony that instinctively connects with us on a deeper lever of consciousness. The clarity is beyond crystal clear and the mixing aspects such as EQ and compression are done to such an excruciating degree that one cannot help but wonder just how detailed each and every sound there is. It shines with a certain brilliance that is lost to the ages of over-rampant oversaturation, and rather than try to prove something to the audience, it instead allows itself to blissfully perform unabated and welcomes any who are willing to celebrate its joyous orchestration. Monoverse‘s melodies are really on point here and the luscious chord progressions that accompany the main melodic line in the drop stabs deep in the heart with raw, emotional power.While serine, calm and peaceful, it also carries a special feeling that’s buried deep within its constructs and the overwhelming impression that it leaves upon its listeners is worth more than we could ever repay.



Monoverse- Khiera (Max Braiman Remix)

Santos brought along another brilliant upcoming artist into this package, as the wondrous Proglifting talents of Max Braiman effortlessly reworks Khiera into an insightful, yet vivacious 134BPM Trance remix that still contains the inner essence of the Original while providing a fresh, alternative mix. Braiman is most known through his works with local favorite Falcon, and while his name is not towards international status as of yet, he also never fails to produce quality with each and every release that he sets his sights on. His version is darker and moodier that show throughout his tough, grumbly basslines and overarching theme of minor angst, and it offers another spin on his otherwise cheerful productions. The beginning features crunchy basslines, lamenting pads and a gorgeously piercing piano line that strikes at the very core of the mind and sweeps you off your feet. The breakdown is a bit more unusual than the normal fare, as wisps and whispers of many different genres offer stolen glances from within the giant fog of timbres and the intriguing design of each sound appearing in different parts of the ear canal suugest a certain pointilistic musical tendency. Finally, the main melody cascades upon the listener with a decadent aria that works in conjunction within the omnipresent basslines as the overflow of motivic material glares through the soundscape like rays of sunlight that are ever changing and ever lasting.



Monoverse- Khiera (Mike Squillo & Mir Omar Remix)

Personally, I am very proud to be covering this particular remix in this review, simply because it is quite a rarity in these times to be featuring actual local talent. These two artists are some of the hardest working Trance musicians and DJ’s that I can find within the vibrant lands of New York City and while their DJ skills are great, I have yet to hear their skills on the production workshop. We can say for certain that we were blown away by the rework they did of Khiera, especially since this is one of their first productions that they’ve officially released. While Monoverse provided the Original Prog Trance genre and Max Braiman provided a Trance interpretation, both Mike Squillo and Mir Omar have pooled their resources into a fantastic Uplifter that’s our favorite mix out of the entire package, (which is almost impossible to say, since each mix was class quality). Their melodies transcend into the voices of angels and their swift, sublime pad work in the breakdown blankets the entire arrangement in a coating of overwhelming beauty and grace. This is Proglifting at its finest and we here at Your EDM are extremely pleased to see this once forgotten subgenre of Trance begin to return to its rightful place for the masses to drink in.



The entire Khiera EP is one of the most comprehensive releases of Trance this year that encompasses the entire Trance spectrum and it would be foolish not to check it out and see for yourself. Monoverse‘s Khiera is now available on Infrasonic Future via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q