Deadmau5, twitter warrior and troll extraordinaire, has once again taken to his medium of choice to share and express his thoughts on the relatively taboo topic of modern trance. “ASOT is about as much ‘trance’ as Nelson Mandela is indie punk” he exclaimed to his followers, kicking off his latest round of criticism towards the genre. Throughout the past years, trance has suffered a tumultuous identity crisis of sorts, with a seemingly lack of overall direction and overly critical fan base. Whether his attacks and comments are appropriate though, are for you to decide so please be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Deadmau5 has also been in the news recently with the release of his album while(1<2) as well as his win of the infamous Gumball 3000.

Update: Armin Van Buuren joins in on the fun, daring deadmau5 to perform at ASOT700:




Source: inthemix