Earlier today, Culture Code released his latest tune dubbed “Dreamers,” featuring vocals by the amazing Aloma Steele. The tune is a melodic dubstep gem, featuring everything from a euphoric, catchy melody, reminiscent of Culture Code’s progressive house releases, to a powerful, deep, low-end and driving drums, giving the tune that proper melodic dubstep presence. It’s everything you can ask for when it comes to melodic dubstep, really; it’s clean, crisp, powerful, and uplifting.

The tune starts out with an elegant hi-hat giving structure to the slowly building melody. As the piano comes in, the amazing Aloma Steele vocals are introduced into the track, at which point the tune builds and slips into the first drop, which instantly takes the tune to a whole other level. The second half of the tune follows suit and sustains the euphoric atmosphere put forth by the first half. It’s a really awesome tune, and I can easily see it as becoming one of my favorites as far as melodic dubstep goes. Check it out below, and be sure to grab your copy via Bandcamp.

Purchase: Bandcamp