A few months ago, Austin Collins, aka Au5, released a smooth progressive house/dubstep tune titled “Follow You” in collaboration with Danyka Nadeau. Now, an awesome remixes EP has been released via Monstercat with a VIP remix from Au5 himself and remixes from Fractal, Virtual Riot, Rootkit, Volant, Rhythmics, and Ducked Ape. You can be assured that the release is as diverse as can possibly be and definitely has something for everyone.

1. Au5’s VIP Mix

First up is Austin’s VIP (variation in production) mix. This time, he decided to give the tune a full on dubstep identity. The VIP mix is everything you could ever want from a melodic dubstep tune. It has classic Au5 elements accompanied by Danyka Nadeau’s amazing vocals, making for an absolute gem. After just one day, the VIP mix has already climbed the Beatport dubstep charts, entering the top 15, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. Awesome track. 

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2. Rootkit’s Remix

This one is a dubstep-dnb hybrid, with a melodic, uplifting general feel, similar to that of the original, but with a heavier dnb-esque driving bass shaping the tune. This one is actually quite interesting. It features a drum pattern common in dubstep, but emphasizes a drum & bass driving bass throughout the drops. It’s packs a lot of punch, but the melody is what the tune revolves around; sort of like a yin and yang-type relationship. The tune is heavy, melodic, euphoric, and smooth all at the same time.

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3. Virtual Riot’s Remix

Virtual Riot (aka Valentin Brunn) delivers the extremely bass-heavy remix of the bunch. Similar to Rootkit’s Remix, Brunn’s remix is a  dubstep-dnb hybrid, but this remix leans more towards the heavier side, revolving around the bass-aspect of things. Brunn’s remix isn’t simply all-out warfare though, it integrates a lot of melody into the entire track, specifically the second half of the tune, delivering a sort of melodic dubstep drop, with a funky, choppy element to it. Virtual Riot’s remix captures the best of both words, really; it’s heavy and “filthy,” yet melodic and uplifting. Definitely check it out if you’re any kind of bass-music fan.

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4. Fractal’s Chill Mix

I’ve been a fan of Fractal for a while now, and every time he releases something new, I listen to it over and over again and let it consume me for two days straight, and this remix is no different. Brady chose to go the chill out route with this one, and even though it’s a lot different than his usual hard-hitting, high-tempo stuff, it’s still beyond amazing. There are so many great things about Fractal’s remix; from the subtle, crunchy drums, to the uplifting pads and deep strings, Brady really outdid himself with this one! What an amazing piece. As Fractal said on his Facebook page, “close your eyes, clear your mind…” and let the euphoria consume you.

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5. Ducked Ape’s Remix

Up next is the duo Ducked Ape’s funky house remix. I’m not usually into house these days but the duo really delivered an interesting reinterpretation of the original. It’s smooth and melodic, yet has driving drums and a nice, deep low-end, giving the tune a nice foundation and general feel. The duo starts out the remix slow, building up on the drums and background “natural,” “organic” sound, ultimately bringing in Nadeau’s amazing vocals and picking up from there with funky drops and a melodic break. Ducked Ape lowers the pitch of the original’s vocals down an octave or two, giving them that deep-house-esque feel. It’s a great house tune with some proper old-school house elements. Check it out.

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6. Volant’s Remix

I first saw Volant’s name when he took place in Fractal’s Avare/Urchin remix competition (in which he was one of the winners). He delivered one hell of a dubstep banger, if i say so myself, and i’ve been a fan ever since. His style ranges anywhere from progressive and electro house to (melodic) dubstep and drum and bass. On his remix of Au5‘s “Follow You,” he delivered a funky (dubstep?) reinterpretation of the original. Monstercat labels it as “electronic,” because that’s basically what you call an EDM song that has a genre that’s yet to be defined. I mean, you can call it dubstep, but is it really? I mean the only resemblance it might have with dubstep is the powerful snare with a long tail. Lets just call it electronic. Obviously, it’s unique, fresh, and uplifting. I’d watch out for Volant in the future, because he surly has a bright one.

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7. Rhythmics’ Remix

This release has covered most forms of melodic bass music and even some house. You know what else it needs? Why, some hardcore, of course, and Rhythmics delivers just that. His remix is a melodic “happy hardcore” hard-hitting tune. Rhythmics takes some melodic elements from the original and adds some UK hardcore aspects to them and speeds everything up by about 40 BPM. This marks Rhythmics’ Monstercat debut, and what better way to do that than remixing Au5? A true must-have for hardcore and melodic hardcore fans alike.

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Overall, this remix EP is one of the best, most diverse ones I’ve ever heard. Rarely do I ever enjoy every single tune in an EP, let alone a remix EP (since remix EPs are usually quite diverse in their styles, and unfortunately, to my dismay, I don’t enjoy everything) but this one is different. All the remixes are so, so good, that I can’t help but enjoy every single one of them. What an amazing EP. I strongly recommend you head over to one of the links below and grab your own copy.

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