Move over Noisestorm, it’s time for the The Brig to take top spot in drumstep for a little while. Most Addictive has really found a gem in this one. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest drumstep tracks I’ve heard since Noisestorm put out ‘Breakdown VIP’.

The Brig is the master of melody in this massive release which sounds as if some Norwegian power metal took a huge dose of EDM and this is the “message on the fridge” the morning after. Definitely some Nightwish vibes on this one, at least that’s what I’m feeling. The intro is powerful and does most of the metal work on the track, but my god… the build right before the drop is some of the sickest sound design around. Don’t get me even started on the drop, though. Some of the cleanest production, sickest melodies, and filthiest growls I’ve heard in a while.

I would be doing everyone a disservice by not telling everyone about this track. This track would be amazing opening up a festival set with its raw power and intelligent design. Purchase it now on Beatport and listen to it below.