How low can you go…? Mainstream media doesn’t seem to even try anymore. Following the infamous Mass Casualty Incident that took place at Avicii‘s performance in Boston, CBS Boston decided to take the opportunity to showcase their in-depth knowledge of Electronic Dance Music, drugs and the Y generation. Christina Hager’s recent report on the increased police surveillance of clubs following the incident was just uploaded to YouTube, so the whole world can now see her acute knowledge of the situation and the developing music scene. There are many quotable lines, but our favorite comes at the 52 second mark, when Christina refers to “EDM” as a street name for Molly.


UPDATE: It appears as though CBS Boston realized how stupid this news report made them look so they removed the video from their YouTube channel, but here’s a clip of the best part of the report on Vine for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE 2: We found another copy of the full video on YouTube, here it is: