Marking its three year reunion, Day Zero Festival will return to the ancient remains it coincides in on Saturday January 10th of 2015. While the line-up this year has yet to be released, “Tickets Of Trust” can be purchased as of now for a decent price before they increase when the line-up is announced. Although last year’s entertainers included Thievery Corporation, Acid Pauli, Damian Lazarus and more, Day Zero Festival is much more than a “line-up”. Where you drive upwards of 4 hours to the Coachella Valley from Los Angeles or fly in from another state or even country to attend Coachella, that is if the line-up is entertaining enough, the same doesn’t go for the Day Zero Festival. This isn’t just a line-up and it sure isn’t a barren area of land with little precipitation. This is an experience! Standing amongst the forest at the Mayan remains that at end of year last year we believed was the culture that deciphered the fate of our civilization, staring at the stars listening to dance music filter through your ears from artists spinning atop these ancient remains. That is a life lesson.

That’s enough said, with a little extra cash, some expendable resources, a group of rad friends and a sense of direction. You can make your way out to the Mayan ruins to experience this cultural and spiritual experience unlike anything else you’ve ever felt. Here’s a recap of Day Zero Festival last year in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Enjoy!