If you don’t know who Kappa Kavi is, prepare to go through his entire Soundcloud to download all the goodies. A friend of mine sent me “Yama No Kami Pt. II” and like any good friend, he already knew I would be ecstatic about what I was going to hear out of my speakers. And I was. And now, you will be too. Because I am bringing you not only the previously mentioned song, but it’s counterpart that was released five months ago. Unfortunately, that one isn’t free, like the second one, but worth the buy? Definitely.

Future bass is something more and more people (and producers) are getting into, but I think Kappa Kavi has to be one of the best ones out there. Pt. II showcases his extreme talents with sounds, whether it be in his tight percussion or his ambient synths. Vocal effects are something you get a taste of too; even if he didn’t exactly chop a vocal, whatever he pulled off feels like it came originally from speech and it’s epic. I’ve been in a car all day, so safe to say, I had this on repeat for a while and I’ll continue to do so. By the way, it ends with some mightily beautiful piano. Ugh, so good. Make sure to grab it for free and check out the original below it.

Free Download

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