The loss of a friend or family member is never something that comes easy. Unfortunately, Martin Garrix recently went through that hardship when it was reported that his friend, Darryl Gunawan – who produced under the name Darryl Dwight, was killed in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The two used to produce together when they were younger, which resulted in a track called “Out of the Earth.” In honor of his friend, Martin uploaded the song to Soundcloud. For fans, it’s a peek into the past to see just how Martin was producing back in the day, but for Martin himself, the song is a reminder of the good times these two had together. Our hearts go out to Martin, the family and friends of Darryl, as well as the friends and family of all those lost in the crash.

Status: The White House has confirmed that the aircraft was shot down, however whether it was by Russia or Ukrainian Separtists remains to be seen.