And now for something completely different. Atlanta’s Skymatic is an experimental bass duo consisting of Phil Ross on keys and guitar with Hannah Wilder on violin. What? Instruments? No buttons and knobs? Sit tight. Skymatic, like Your EDM favorite Keys N’ Krates, are a livetronica act meaning their electronic sets are accompanied by live instrumentalization. This puts a higher concentration on intricate melodies and progressions that carry the listener through an incandescent soundscape of rich textures and wavering emotions.

Their latest tune “Energy” scraps the notion of provocative melodies and gets straight to business with knocking uptempo hip-hop style beats and screaming bass lines that we’ve become familiar with from Bassnectar and Wick-it the Instigator. This one is for those of you that are fighting a case of the Mondays or are just looking to get buck on a Friday night. No matter when you need that lil extra something something to get you ready for what lies ahead, drop the energy drinks, they are probably going to give us all cancer one day, and pop in “Energy” for a good ole classic sub-bass bombardment to the dome. | |