While only 17 years old, the star studded Frenchman that is Matt Fax has rightfully earned his status as one of the leading contenders of Progressive throughout the years with his seasoned, yet delicate sound of Western European cultural infusions. It’s almost overwhelming to see how stacked his extensive discography is for his age and his dexterous skill behind the booth is both a marvel to behold and a skill to be cherished by listeners everywhere. He is the youngest artist to ever guest mix on the legendary Group Therapy radio show by Above & Beyond and is frequently supported by high end international producers such as Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, Ruben de Ronde and Max Graham. As an integral part of the Silk Royal family, his intuitive ear towards quality Progressive sounds have earned him a reputation as a reliable, yet intuitive force of music that has dedicated his life towards a complete mastery of the underground genre. However, it seems as though he is venturing into a new, untapped sound that’s different than his usual laid back style, as his remix to Pconvolve‘s Cosmology carried along ample amounts of power and adrenaline that coursed through its veins, and it’s definitely his toughest¬†production that we have heard to date. However, it still retains that essential Fax sound that has become an essential cornerstone of his career, and is still warmly nestled within the troughs of full, underground Progressive. Now, he continues writing through the first few pages of this new, exciting chapter in his career with the thrilling original single entitled Avalon, where Prog and Prog Trance graciously combine for a beautiful search of wondrous genres and colors.

Too often, we find those who try to mix both Prog and Prog Trance never seem to get it right; it’s either too brittle for anyone’s aural consumption or it’s too boastful to the point where it actively destroys the delicate nature of the genre. Even though the genre of Progressive sounds easy on the ears and appears simplistic, it’s actually one of the hardest styles to successfully accomplish! There are a strict set of rules to follow in order to preserve the sanctity of the genre at hand and if even one of these variables are off balance, it can threaten to destabilize the entire equation towards a messy, unkempt product. However, rather than subtlety mix the two genres together under one unified sound, (which contains even MORE rules to follow, and is honestly a pain in the ass to implement), Matt Fax decided to tackle another approach towards the problem: by gradually transitioning from Progressive into Progressive Trance throughout the track, so that the track has a sense of storytelling and progression rather than crafting another one-off track. What we receive is nothing short of magical, as glimmering wisps of arpeggiated wind flutter throughout every single phrase like bursts of twinkling glitter, and the smooth, fluid percussion/basslines work together towards a harmonious impregnation of controlled, confident orchestration. The second release is where it really shines, as a sustained high note shoots a beacon of hope throughout the jubilous arrangement and cherishes the special moments that it produces within its own allegorical reverie.

Matt Fax‘s brilliant new single, Avalon, will be out tomorrow on Arrival Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today! Make sure to also check out the reflective B-Side entitled Over The Edge as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q