As part of the secluded Tech movement that promotes forward-driven Progressive House music, the quintessential talent of the club ready Paul Thomas continues to belt out tune after tune that strives to procure only the finest in technological innovation. While his techniques has changed throughout his career, his current main style is as follows: “I guess I have gone back to my melodic roots over the past 12 months by making tracks with melodies and big chords, whilst keeping the beats and bass quite techy and rolling.Paul received his first breakthrough when he was hand selected to become a resident DJ at the world famous Godskitchen arena in Birmingham, England and since then, he has worked with some of the world’s most leading technical artists including Weekend Heroes, Max Freegrant, Kash Trivedi and Steve Haines, as well as issued remixes by industry figures such as Paul Oakenfold, Kim Fai and M.I.K.E. In 2009, he released his fantastic Sunrise single on Starlight Records, which included remixes by Antillas & Dankann, Simon Gain & Joey Seminara, Simon S, Hy2RoGen & Fr3cky and Sonny Wharton. Now, Paul has decided to clear the cobwebs away from 2009 and re-release the single with a slew of quality remixes from some of the top producers within their respective fields. From ferocious Big Tech, to unruly Techno and peaceful Progressive, this release definitely has something that every listener can move their feet to.



Paul Thomas- Sunrise (21street Remix)

Out of the entire package, this mix is definitely my personal favorite because of the huge gap of improvement that I have seen in 21street‘s work from a year ago until now. We first covered 21street on their single of Jakarta Dream with the illuminating SEQU3l remix, but none of their previous work really came to par with our brutal selection process for covering tracks. However, we can confidently say that they have kicked their butts into gear and have delivered us a mighty stormer of a remix that is not only cutting edge, but also powerful enough for many festival oriented sets. During the breakdown, we happily hear definite influences from the iconic 2011 sound of Michael Woods and already realize that we are strapped in for a wild ride throughout the incoming, mine-laced battlefield. This feeling intensifies even more when we hear colossal tribal slams and dark, wicked synth stabs crush the soundscape as the advent of whipping synth squeals send us teetering over the edge of space and time itself. The drop certainly doesn’t disappoint, as the combination of instinctual percussive drums and brutal synth smacks gives us a unique contrast between the real world and the computer realm. The drive is both fearful and malicious, as the track punches through the unexpected outcome and seeks potential victims with a horrible, brutish blood lust.



Paul Thomas- Sunrise (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)

Ed note: Begin at 1:47 for the BG&K mix.

Unlike the wild and reckless qualities of 21steet‘s chaotic interpretation, Blood Groove & Kikis stick to their strengths and deliver a completely different rendition that’s completely different than anything that’s featured in this package. Blood Groove & Kikis are big time favorites here at Your EDM and are a frequent focal point for our weekly Sunrise Sessions series due to their supreme command of Progressive music. With all things considered, these two are widely considered as one of the best forces of the genre to date, as their rich, decadent productions combines the sensibilities of Progressive with just a touch of pseudo-Progressive Trance power. For their remix, they utilize a plethora of smooth, graceful synth arpeggios to bounce around the soundscape as the inclusion of various synth pads lay down the wirework for this expertly constructed rework. The breakdown features rising and falling synth twinkles, warm and cozy basslines, and succulent pads for an intimately harmonious connection between each voices, (and the entire system as a whole). The release is not huge in terms of power, and while this might be a letdown for some, it’s not meant to be. Rather than seeking the thrills of launching off a waterfall, Blood Groove & Kikis wants listeners to focus on the hidden dribbles of a babbling brook as their docile tones lull you into a quiet space of peace and serenity.



Paul Thomas- Sunrise (Solid Stone’s Stripped Back Mix)

While we relaxed with the elegant talents of Blood Groove & Kikis, the black, murky dominion of Solid Stone completely flips the Original on its head and steers it towards a dark and devious corner where Techno reins and all things evil devilishly make their presence known by all. Solid Stone has been a frequent favorite of Re Brand Records over the years and is finally reaching his breakout year with a plethora of successful singles and remixes. His recent experimentations on Techno-induced Trance have led him away from his older style of Deep Trance into a strange miasma of shady, sunless influences that has both buffed his sound as well as added a wildcard factor into his productions. His ‘Stripped Back‘ mix is everything you would expect in a quality Techno track: grumbling, rolling basslines, tons of delicious hi-hats and a forward moving drive that gleefully encourages groove and power. The breakdown is where we see some semblance of Paul Thomas‘ Original work and Solid Stone‘s Trance alias, as the brilliant blend of breathtaking pad work and wonderful Progressive Trance melodies washes over the track with fresh, new perspectives. However, the rowdy return of vicious Techno basslines and tension mounted cowbells snaps us back to our senses just in time to wear our soles out in pure, rhythmic bliss.



Paul Thomas- Sunrise (Stan Kolev Remix)

Ed note: Begin at 5:29 for the Stan Kolev mix.

Out of all the remixes in this collection, the Stan Kolev remix is definitely the most interesting in terms of selection of styles and implementation of unusual timbral incorporations. In case you were not aware, Stan is a highly successful Progressive artist from Miami, Florida whose affinity for exploring other genres such as Nu Disco and Tech House has gifted him with an unusual slant on his individual style, and he is definitely an artist that sticks out as a true originator. While the 21street and the Solid Stone remixes were aggressively rambunctious, both the Stan Kolev and the Blood Groove & Kikis mixes are edged more towards the Progressive edge of the EDM spectrum. However, this mix is VASTLY different than the BG&K mix, as the inclusion of blippy rhythms and forward thinking theming errs it more towards Progressive Tech/Progressive Techno, (or ‘Progno‘). In the breakdown, it starts off just like any normal Prog track with fluttering synth lines, toasty basslines and a wonderful mixture of harmonic accompaniments that fully flesh out the entire phrase. However, the resulting drop unexpectedly plunges us into a Prog-tinged Techno drop complete with low warbling basslines, crisp hi-hats and minimized orchestration.



This entire remix package for 2014 is out now on Ultraviolet Music via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q