It’s impressive to get an official remix backed by Atlantic Records. What’s even better, is getting two official remixes backed by Atlantic Records. So was the case for Elk Road, an Australian producer who’s made some serious moves as of late. Offering up edits of Jaymes Young and Charli XCX, this dude shows off his talent in a big way. These are two completely different tracks, which further adds to the case that this Aussie’s got some game.

“Habits of My Heart” is the latest work. A riveting composition couples itself with a smashing vocal for a partnership that will blow you away. Genres don’t matter with this one; it’s just amazing music. “Boom Clap” was the previous edit that was released and that is another gem. It’s a feel good tune ripe for summer time chilling. Sweet atmospheres and dreamy arpeggios are just a couple of the things that help this one to sound so damn good. No doubt, it’s worth the buy. Stream both and catch more Elk Road in the future.

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