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Morning Gloryville is a new dance event that promotes hydration, dancing and sober fun for everyone! Their Facebook page describes it as “an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style! Only for the bRAVE!”

Essentially, it is a workout class where people dance to electronic music. No drugs, no alcohol, just good vibes, smoothies, juices, coffee and three and a half hours of dancing! The class takes place in a renovated Brooklyn Zoo warehouse in East Williamsburg. The place is colorful, huge and offers a great way to stay in shape.

Visitors will be purchasing a $20 ticket from the venue, and will receive three hugs from each Morning Gloryville crew, a plastic lei and a little more than three hours of dancing.

Check out a video from the Today Show in Australia, showing Morning Gloryville in Sydney:


That is not only it though. Morning Gloryville NYC offers bouncy floors, trampolines, climbing walls, massage stations, yoga sessions and many other fun activities. Is there a better way to work out before work, than dance your mornings away? I don’t think so, and I would love to see this in Chicago!

Here is a video from the NYC branch, and people are getting down!


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