Tomorrowland is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most stunningly produced festivals in the world. In only 10 years, the festival went from a relatively small gathering between Antwerp and Brussels to a veritable mecca for electronic music lovers across the globe. Tomorrowland 2014 drew fans from almost every country in the world, selling 360,00 tickets in one hour. The massive 3-day event featured over 400 DJs on 16 different stages and the festival is only continuing to grow; with a sold out second edition in Atlanta, Georgia and plans for a third edition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, things are looking very bright.

It’s all about music and friendship. We encourage international bonds; friendship reuniting people to dance and to love music, that’s what Tomorrowland is.

Debby Wilmsen, Tomorrowland Spokesperson

A short mini-documentary about the festival was released recently via BBC News. The festival’s past was both explored and contrasted with shots of the sold-out 2014 show, demonstrating the massive growth they have experienced over the last decade. Interviews with attendees allows a deeper look into the devotion and love people have for this one-of-a-kind event. Check out the video below and get a glimpse for yourself!

[Source: BBC News]