If you enjoy the sounds of some heavy bass, Mystik Sanctuary in Oklahoma City has more than you could ask for. After releasing it’s first two phases, Mystik Sanctuary touts an extremely impressive lineup. Don’t worry, we’re here to make your tough decisions of who to see, a bit easier.

5. Disflow
Being one of the only 128 DJs on the lineup Disflow has a bit of a disadvantage here, but his performance’s make up for that tenfold. If you are looking for good house music that you can dance to from a name you haven’t heard, this is where to go.


In the past few months, 17 year old boy wonder Zaxx has seemingly been popping up everywhere across the internet, and for good reason too. This kid’s production is absolutely on point, original, and not to mention it’s good music. Make sure to check out Zaxx, odds are you’ll hop on the hype train along with everyone else.


3. Manic Focus

When it comes down to pure energy and passion displayed on stage there are not many that top Manic Focus. Bringing in his signature electro soul funk to the mix, this is one set that will surely have you grooving the entire time from start to finish. Oh and he produced my favorite ‘Latch’ remix to date. Make sure to check out Manic Focus and get in the groove.

2. Zeds Dead

With their apparent change in direction in their latest EP release, I am very curious to see what type of set they throw down live. With a lineup like this, I would assume that they end up with a very dubby old style Zeds Dead set, but who knows? That’s what surprises are for. If you are as curious as I am, make sure to stop by Zeds Dead.

1. Big Gigantic

If you’ve read any of my articles in the past, this should come as no surprise to you. It is kind of hard to argue with. Dom & Jeremy have not so silently been taking over the live show game, stepping up the live production to an absolutely unique experience that you wont get anywhere else. It also has been a few months since we’ve heard new materiel from Dom & Jeremy, so you can definitely expect to hear some unreleased tunes in OKC. Please for the love of god, do not miss this set.

TIckets are currently still available HERE. Make sure to check back to catch Mystik Sanctuary drop their 3rd phase of the lineup.