It goes without saying that Ayah Marar’s talent and drive has rocked the dance music world from big hits with Calvin Harris to her own solo ventures, always pushing the musical boundaries to their full limit. Despite the fame and all it encompasses, her underground, bad ass attitude hasn’t wavered. What’s most special and remarkable about her brand new EP, Bass Soldiers, is the entire theme driving it:

“Bass Soldiers is an independent movement built to encourage collaboration among artists and take back control.  It’s also something to give back to the fans for their love and loyalty, and to show them that we intend to keep supporting and releasing good music.”

Keeping the whole promotion entirely organic with no PR machine backing it, Ayah and her team are showing once again good music will get heard without having to shove it in everyone’s faces for weeks and weeks.

That being said, this EP completely exceeded my high expectations. She’s featured some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass like Metrik, Drumsound & Bassline SmithDimension, and Racknruin, in turn molding Bass Soldiers into one hell of a ride. You never hear the same track twice as each producer brings a thunderous and captivating sound that Ayah compliments perfectly. “City of Darkness” will have you in a fiery trance with jungle style beats, overall a track that really stuck out to me as creepy but entirely fascinating. My favorite is “Keep Me Up“, a song so beautiful it warms your heart with every play.

Bass Soldiers is a wonderful EP packed with ingenuity and four amazing tracks. Watch her exclusive video below and buy the EP HERE.