High Intensity Records showcases some of the best bass music coming from the minds of up and coming producers. Dec3mber, a young producer from Englad, is one of those producers and he recently released his Squared Eyes EP through the imprint. Including collaborations from Dublicate, RomyHarmony and Tempest, the project is four tracks in length.

“Shimmer” and “Sonder” morph both the light and heavy sides of dubstep to create two heart-wrenching originals. When you reach the third track, the light is sucked out of the equation and you are left with a devilish monstrosity. Think big, think bass. This one he gets to show off more off his sound design capabilities. Lastly, “Return” takes us on a fun ride. The electro house single caps the EP off well, giving the listener one last taste of Dec3mber. It’s supposed to lead you out of the project, but all I get are exhilarating and positive feels coursing through my body. Buy Squared Eyes here to get the four tracks and support the English producer.

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