Los Angeles resident and collaborator to Diplo, Saint has given the world a huge project. Immaculate, the fourteen song album, was released for free on July 22nd. Featuring a total of eleven collaborators, there’s a whole lot of talent and creativity jam packed tightly into this endeavor. Dai Burger, Versailles, Big Momma and Cakes Da Killa are just some of those names that helped contribute to the album. Saint also provided two remixes to top everything off.

This is one of the best projects showcasing the bridging of hip-hop and electronic music. No matter if it is with twerk like in “Down On Ya” or trap with “Hoodrat Shit,” Saint and friends deliver on pushing music further and closing the gap between genres. However, that’s not all you get in this. Songs like “LoveHateSong” is something that is ready for airplay on the radio, sporting a more poppy sound than the others. With a lot of dance music stagnating, it’s nice to hear someone take up the reigns and do something different. And release it for free. Takes some balls, but Saint’s got the balls for that.

Aside from the album, make sure to check out Saint’s official remix for “Bussin'” by Sir Michael Rocks featuring Casey Veggies that he did with Stezus. Expect much more goods from the Los Angeles producer in the future.

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