Last March,  Mark Cuban‘s traveling music & ideas festival Recess came to the University of Pacific in Stockton, California to host an intimate and thought-provoking discussion about the music industry featuring Bob Moczydlowsky, the head of Twitter Music, and Diplo, (producer, DJ, and head of Mad Decent Records for those of you who have been living under a rock.)

At the panel, which was recently uploaded in clips to Youtube, attendees eagerly asked those burning questions about the landscape of this industry, providing Diplo with the chance to share his thots…err…thoughts.

During the segment, Diplo discusses his varying musical style, what he looks for in up-and-coming producers, and his suggestions for success.

“My musical style doesn’t make any sense, I don’t have any clean track, I’ve made every kind of record there is […] I do find it intriguing when I go find someone new and I’m like ‘wow, he has a sound’ and I can instantly hear that sound.”

Diplo goes on to discuss what we’ve all really been thinking here: most EDM producers all sound the same. It’s difficult to tell the difference between varying artists because the same sounds are being recycled over and over again. He does, however, give praise where praise is due.

“There’s a few guys…Skrillex…right away you’re like ‘that’s him’. Kaskade even for me, I can tell right away one of his records, but the majority of them – they copy sounds over and over again. It’s so boring.” 

Amen Diplo. Amen. 

He continued to offer his expert advice for upcoming artists, suggesting that they look for different sounds – to search for what is unique and distinct, as well as follow what they love, using Porter Robinson‘s new project Worlds as an example.

“I would suggest honing your style. Take your time and work. You have to find out what you’re terrible at and what you’re good at and finally you’ll find a style. You can’t ever predict how that’s going to happen. When you have [a song] that’s worth it, put everything in that.”

Random white dude also provided insight as to how he and Pharrell first were acquainted via Twitter, what it’s like being a part of Major Lazer as well as how he and Skrillex make music together for Jack U.  

Apparently the secret is to go over Skrillex’s house, get high, and just have fun while making music.

“He’s one of my favorite people in general. He’s a great person and he’s always a champion of new music and I love that attitude. For me, I just love people who inspire me like that.”

Check out the clips below to see what else this fan favorite artist had to say.


Update: Diplo reaffirms.