I’ll be upfront, I have absolutely no clue what a “Sladky” is. My best explanation is that Sladky is a beautiful, melodic, and ambient indietronica tune by Samuel Proffitt. Featuring a smooth vocal effort by Khai, Sladky is a melancholy journey to the richer side of the electronic world.

Clearly hitting the feels side of electronica, Samuel Proffitt and Khai have delivered something a bit off of the beaten path – especially if you’re used to only rocking festival tunes. Melody and tonal emotion come together to create something that isn’t quite jovial, but seems to celebrate that feeling where nostalgia borders on pain and happiness relived. If you’re feeling something vibier for your evening, be sure to check this tune out and cop your free download!


Samuel Proffitt – Sladky ft. Khai (Original Mix) [Free Download]