After the folly of Forget The WorldAfrojack has been bouncing back with his remixes of “Do Or Die” by Thirty Seconds To Mars, “Forever Love” by Robin Thicke, and “Young & Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey. But now he previews his first new original project since his debut album came out about three months ago. The collaboration is called “Turn Up The Speakers” and made with the one and only Martin Garrix.

Although there are only previews on Nick van de Wall’s and Martin’s SoundCloud, “Turn Up The Speakers” doesn’t exactly sound like a thought provoking song that would capture the interests of the more sophisticated music fans. After all this is the music-baby of the guy who made “Take Over Control” and that youngster who made “Animals” or the main-stage staple of every set of 2013. But don’t let recent history and your biases turn you away from this track.

This is the closest thing to non-pop Afrojack since his releases “Musician”, “Jack That Body”, “Peanuts” (the latter being a free release). The melody sounds like something we would hear in Martin Garrix tracks like “Proxy”, “Wizard”, and “Tremor” (both with Jay Hardway and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike respectively). It takes the style of Afrojack from his Dutch house productions before 2013 with the modern update and assistance from a fellow Dutchman. Although many music critics would love to pounce on and tear apart, “Turn Up The Speakers” is a song I would turn up the speakers too if the situation calls for a fist-pumping mood.

Check out the preview below and let us know if you agree or think other wise on “Turn Up The Speakers” by Afrojack and Martin Garrix.