As someone who reports news, it’s always tough reporting the death of an individual. It’s even tougher when the occurrence of death keeps happening at events. The Mad Decent Block Party in DC was the latest place to see this unfortunate thing happen. Twenty individuals were taken to the hospital with one of those people, Tyler Fox Viscardi, passing away. One seventeen year old kid remains in critical condition as well. These hospitalizations are conjectured to be the result of drug intoxication.

Aside from this, Mad Decent Block Party saw fifty under age drinking citations, as well as three arrests. One of those was an intent to sell weed, whereas the other two were for assaulting an officer and domestic assault. With so many extremely negative happenings at these events, the tide is being forced to turn so that events and people can be better equipped; whether that means events have new procedures in place or people just have more knowledge and awareness. Or both plus more. What we can’t do is sit back and wait for these things to happen outside of dance music events, so that we can point the finger and say it happens everywhere. Yes, it does. However, we all need to be smarter when it comes to drugs and drug policy.

Source: CBS