Zedd has once again showcased his musical prowess with a brand new production. The German producer performed at Lollapalooza in front of thousands, both in person and online, ¬†and took the opportunity to premiere his new take on MAGIC!’s widely popular track Rude. The remix highlights Anton’s musical talent as well as his recent inclination towards leaving his harder electro roots in the stead of a more pop influenced sound. While interspersed in between Rude’s vocals, Zedd’s harsher sawed synths are still present, although not particularly dominant when contrasted with the much more prominent vocals of the original. I personally preferred Zedd’s old complextro/electro focused sound but his remix of Rude is still wildly enjoyable and I’m sure all those in attendance had a blast.

You can listen to Zedd’s remix of MAGIC!’s Rude down below (the remix begins at the 1:10 mark):