Breaking 70K plays on your last two remixes (with one approaching 100K) is pretty sweet. Even though I’m a little biased, having Your EDM premiere your song is pretty sweet, too. So is the case for REVOKE, who took to remixing Wilsen’s single “Magnolia.” It’s not trap, it’s not dubstep; this free download is something else entirely.

Although some influence peaks out, this experimental tune is not your everyday thing. Chiller styles of electronic music are becoming increasingly popular and I have to say this is one of the better tracks I have heard to calm your nerves. Even if you don’t need a chill pill, you get one when your ears are exposed to the vibrant, yet subtle production. REVOKE stands out from other producers with this release alone and I can’t wait to hear what else this dude has in store. If you are unfamiliar with REVOKE, I suggest checking out his other features when you are done checking this baby out.

Free Download