Nothing like some good old progressive electro house to brighten your day. Rasmus Hermansen, the genius behind F.O.O.L (Fuck Our Ordinary Lives) has never ceased to amaze me with his unique, innovative take on music. It’s melodic and often uplifting, yet packs quite a hard punch and delivers that power we all love and have come to associate with electro house. That heavy yet melodic punch is exactly what’s in store for you in his latest track “Keep On Rocking.”

The tune starts out with some drums accompanied by a slowly building melodic atmosphere. Rasmus breaks it down at the 30 second mark and expands on the ambient vibes he’s been developing since the beginning of the tune, at which point, some hi-hats come in followed by a snare roll, all leading up to the extremely addictive drop. The first drop features a rolling mid-bass that sounds like it’s taken right out of a tech trance tune, making for an extremely powerful drop. The drops have this groovy feel to them fostered by the jumpy melody, which is especially evident in the second drop.

This tune has everything from a strong techy bass-line and groovy melody, to an ambient, chill atmosphere, emphasized in the break when Rasmus introduces some realistic, ambient drums. It’s a diverse tune and surely has something for everyone. Check it out below.

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