Feeling like you need a good dose of some psychadelic tripper-sauce? Then you’re in luck, because the remixes for Soulular‘s Heartblast EP will have you spinning down the rabbit hole in no time flat.

Featuring remixes from talented bass slingers like Perkulat0r, Intellitard, Dov1, and more, the EP drips with flair. Melodic dubstep, downtempo, and future bass are all well represented here; each and every track is absolutely beautiful and filled with almost emotional sonic frequencies. This is music you can groove to, chill to, meditate to…this is music to expand your consciousness. Soulular laid the foundation with his stellar originals and then this collection of artists all brought the fire to create a slew of champion remixes. So, have you pressed play yet?

Soulular has released Heartblast RE:mixed via his personal Bandcamp page and it is available for free/name your price download; donations are always appreciated and will only help to generate more amazing tunes like these. Give it a listen below and make sure to grab a copy if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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Heartblast EP