New technology out of London may soon change your festival and clubbing experience forever.  Nokia is set to introduce a new phone that has the capability of charging itself simply by using the sound around it.  This is all thanks to a group from Queens Mary University that has developed nanogenerators that can utilize ordinary noises, such as traffic, to keep a cell phone in the green.

The UK scientists were able to build off of previous research by a Korean group, theorizing that zinc oxide nanowires would generate electricity under even the smallest levels of stress.  Sound waves have the strength to move these wires just enough to create 5 volts, which is plenty to charge a phone.

These phones will have a distinct synergy with live music events.  The music itself should be enough to prevent any device with this tech from dying.  The benefits are clear, but there are certainly other implications as well.  Phones being in hands instead of pockets can detract from the live music experience for many people, and this type of behavior will likely increase.

Only time will tell how much of an impact this technology will have.  What do you think?

Source: Science Alert via EDM Tunes