Be it faceless robots or anonymous producers more elusive than a Himalayan snow leopard, we love artists whose aversion to the limelight creates a furore anytime a scrap of information appears.

In east London at the Oval Space venue, a brightly coloured Aphex Twin-branded blimp, was spotted high in the sky. Cheekily, 2014 was branded on the other side, sending fans into a frenzy as they theorised what that could mean. Many could argue that this was much ado about nothing, especially since it could be a hoax; the somewhat ridiculous side to the news has led to jokes which have been spread throughout the social medias:

Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) is a highly influential and critically acclaimed producer who, if we are to believe the album titles, has been creating electronic music since the age of 14. Interest in Aphex Twin was rejuvenated after the release of his Caustic Window album, which had been in limbo since 1994. His tracks have also featured in the latest instalment to the Grand Theft Auto series, by appearing on FlyLo FM.

Anticipation for a new album could justifiably reach fever pitch, as it will be almost 14 years since the release of Drukqs.

Stay tuned, and keep watching the skies…

[Source: FactMag]