In an interview yesterday with Run The TrapDillon Francis mentioned that he will have some new music coming out later this year with Skrillex in addition to his own upcoming album.

Any other collabs in the works?

Yeah. Sonny and I have two songs, a remix for Elliphant with Skrillex (not sure if it’s going to come out), and a new original song that’s going to come out on his new EP sometime in the Fall. We bring it back to our old school moombahton roots, with weird synths, big kick and sparse percussion.

So a couple things — there’s a new EP that is definitely going to come out, and it might be out sometime in the Fall. Second, it will very likely have a collaboration with Dillon Francis on it, going back to their moombah days. There’s a great deal of music that Skrillex has left unreleased, for playing out live at shows and festivals. Hopefully we can get some of those, too. Check out Sonny playing a new track ‘Battlefield’ in Paris last November that still hasn’t been released. (Skip ahead to 3:20 for ‘Battlefield.’)