We’re so close. Money Sucks, Friends Rule, which happens to be Dillon Francis‘ first album is almost here. The LA showman has given us a few tastes of the project with the most recent being his collaboration with Sultan & Ned Shepard and The Chain Gang Of 1974. To some people’s surprise, a very upbeat progressive sound is what you have with “When We Were Young,” showing off Dillon’s talents outside of his midtempo range. Although with house being where he started at, don’t be surprised when you hear more of that coming from the album. This vocal anthem will be one of the most liked tracks off the album, I’m sure. Some would pass this off as your run of the mill prog track, but it gets the feels going like no other, making one reminisce about good times that are long gone. If you wish to get this track early, head over to iTunes to pre-order the album. “Get Low” will accompany this for your pre-release goodies.

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